If you have just joined us, this is THE CUT journal i promise to always tell you the truth and give you all of our secrets on how to put your best hair flip forward. Lets not walk around with our eyes closed ladies and gentleman, trust me to spill the latest DEETS. 



You can have a good haircut in 30mins

Now I'm being very general on this topic. If you want to be fussed over or you've been told your hair has to be cut a special way, yes adding on a nice head wash and blow dry which takes an hour is great. But necessarily a straight across the bottom haircut takes 10-15mins. It is in our industry standards, so if it takes longer it is just because your stylist is slow and it doesn't mean the line is going to be any straighter. Plus if they have to keep straighten it up after an hour they are just cutting off more length. Adding layers and face framing will add another 10-15mins to your service then a head wash is 10mins and blow dry is 15-20mins. Hence why we have a broken down menu so you can choose exactly what you want.  

Use styling products

I truly believe that most clients are not getting the most out of their hair because they are NOT using the right product or any product at all! The STYLED textured wavy bob picture you brought in is not going to style it's self. Getting the correct information about your hair is really important and listening to home care advice from your stylist. Trust me they are not trying to sell, they are educating you on your hair and their hair cut. We use Eimi by Wella  as they are amazing products and are priced between $27-$30

A trim can be 1cm if you want

Yes a trim can be 1cm if you want, do not be afraid to come in. You don't have to only get your haircut once a year because you think you have to get a inch or two off every time. Come one come all, everyones welcome with any length requests on 'a trim' 



Washing your hair 'rules' 

In my eyes some people don't wash their enough, hey but who am i to judge? If you have lots of hair get in there and give it a good scrub, two shampoos should do the trick! Be realistic if you don't have to wash it don't wash it, give it a wet down with your hands in the basin and put some dry shampoo in that do - so fresh! 

Time in-between cuts and you have to book an appointment

Im going to say if they are $33 dollars at The Cut why not get a trim every week ? Also we are a no appointment salon so we solve all of those problems . 

If you have fine hair it has to be cut short

NO NO NO, it just has to be cut blunt. You will thank me for this later. Blunt doesn't mean boring without texture it means blunt texture, blunt lines. Having it longer though will need a bit more effort but why not grab a texturizing Eimi product and bob is your uncle. 


Hair products

Hair masks

Yes you need one! At least once a week, you moisturise your face right? So why leave out your hair! The best way to do this is to shampoo your hair (twice) take a flannel into the shower and get the water out of the ends. Then you want to pop your mask in like conditioner an leave it in for about 5mins then rinse out. Marvellous ! We use Wella Fusion hair if you find your hair gets greasy you need a lighter product.

Shampoo and conditioner

Yes you need both! Shampoo opens the hair cuticle and conditioner closes it. The hair cuticle is like a fish scale so when you shampoo your hair it leaves the scales open (frizzy) and when you condition your hair it closes the scales and flattens it down (smooth). Even if your hair is fine we recommend using a spray leave-in conditioner instead of the in-shower cream as a spray is lighter! Check out wella elements 

Heat protectant

OH MY you just need it honey for all heat sources, blow drying, ironing, standing next to the heater. A spray is the best way to cover the whole head easily and generally won't leave the hair oily, i find the cream heat protectants do so watch out. And YES you need a salon one. We LOVE Wella thermal image